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About Us

Dufferrc is a leader in the water extraction field in Florida. Our wide selection of solutions, fast, courteous customer service provides peace of mind during all phases of the remediation process from initial inspection to testing and complete remediation.

You can depend on our staff to get the job done when and where you need it the most. From commercial properties to private homes, water leaks to natural disasters. We have the skills and resources to ensure your property and health is protected!

Our Services


At Dufferrc we're dedicated to ensuring we bring you the absolute best experience and professionalism and reliability in water damage remediation. Along with our fast response times, you receive the very best offer every single time!


We've been specializing in water damage cleanup for years. Dufferrc are your reliable local professionals.


Water damage can jeopardize the structure of your residential or commercial property, so you can not afford to take any chances. We have the right crew of experts to keep your home safe.


At Dufferrc we know the environmental conditions in and the very best means to handle the effects of our often severe weather. We have the local and industry competence you require!

Our Services:

In order to help both domestic as well as industrial water damage customers clean up their damaged residential property in, Dufferrc provides a variety of water damage repair services.

It can be horrible when water damage to your residential property results from a flood or another disaster

Water Damage Retoration,

Water Damage,

. It's unfortunate enough that personal property were destroyed, a few of which may have been invaluable or personal. The cost of cleanup as well as the water damage repair process can swiftly become difficult.